Do I have to necessarily register on the website of yellow metal to buy coin?

Yes, we require customers to register as full information require us so that delivery of products can take place smoothly.

How much time does it takes to deliver the coin?

It depends from which part of the country are you ordering the coin, if its within metro cities the shipment delivery would take place in 4-7 working days and if the delivery is in the remote locations then delivery could take place in the next 6-10 working days.

What happens if my coin comes to me in a damaged form?

Our team ensures the quality of the product with several checks before handing it over for delivery. However, if the package is damaged during delivery, please take pictures of the same and email us at - or contact our customer support at +91 9702288199

What is purity assurance of Gold/Silver?

Gold coins/bars are of 999/995 (24K) pure and tested by approved hallmarking/assaying centers and silver coins/bars are of 999 pure with brand certifications.

Is Gold Coins are BIS hallmarked?

As per the BIS, hallmarking is allowed only for 22K, 18K and 14K Gold jewellery only & not allowed for 24 Karat pure Gold.

How do you use Physical Gold and Silver coins /bars?

You can use these Gold/Silver coins and bars in making jewelleries and also use to sell it to any jewellers.

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